About Me

My name is Lucas Araújo and I’ve been a dotnet developer for almost ten years now. Now, I decided, is the right time to try to give something back to the development community, sharing some knowledge and experience.

I am originally from Brazil, and now I live in The Netherlands. It has been quite a journey to move abroad, but it certainly was an invaluable experience.

A couple of years ago I decided that I should focus my attention in the Cloud Platform and Mobile World. And I’ve been doing this ever since while still focused on the Microsoft World.

This Blog should be, mainly, about Azure Code, as I am still learning new things every day, and things keep changing!
I’ll also take the time to talk a little bit about my personal experiences that were somewhat related with my developer life.

I am much more of a dotnet Guy, but I expect to post about nodejs and python as well, as I really love working with these, so I am always studying something about it.